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Fleet Operating Expenses

Fleet operating costs can easily get out of control. Each vehicle’s lifecycle typically entails hundreds of transactions for fuel, maintenance and administration (e.g., taxes, title, licensing, financing). You need robust fleet management systems to track and manage all these transactions in order to know how much it really costs to operate the company’s fleet.

The solution: Enterprise Fleet Management offers access to industry-leading cost control and reporting capabilities. Working with our account team, you get essential insights needed to keep a lid on costs, including:

  • Alerts to identify transactions requiring oversight
  • Advice for handling uncommon events (e.g. complex repairs, registration issues, etc.)

By capturing all your fleet operating expenses, our reporting tools let you benchmark against the results achieved by thousands of other client companies. In turn, these insights can lead to a data-driven plan for reducing fleet costs over time.

Fleet Maintenance expenses are notoriously difficult to manage. Key challenges include: Tracking & documenting routine maintenance needed to meet OEM warranty requirements. Determining when to authorize unexpected, uncovered repairs. Verifying that vehicles receive appropriate repairs…and at competitive prices. An Enterprise Fleet Management maintenance program helps cut these challenges down to size by providing immediate access to a nationwide network of 65,000 fleet service centers. Our team monitors all of these repair facilities for cost and service. We work on your behalf to ensure that maintenance is completed by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians who have access to each vehicle’s complete maintenance history. The result: You pay only for necessary repairs at the lowest possible cost. In addition, our extensive network helps to minimize downtime –and get your fleet vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. The potential impact is huge: Each year, our fleet maintenance programs save customers over $36.2 million. There are flexible options, too: Programs can be implemented at a fixed monthly rate based on vehicle and mileage patterns; or we can manage fleet maintenance expenses as incurred, and provide a consolidated monthly statement. Either way, your drivers enjoy an easy, hassle-free way to maintain fleet vehicles at conveniently located facilities.
Having an accurate way to track and manage fleet fuel costs can deliver both immediate and longer-term savings for your fleet. A fuel card program from Enterprise Fleet Management makes it possible. The card works like credit or debit card, accepted at 90% of all fueling stations in the US. But beyond convenience for your drivers, it provides an extra measure of insight into fueling transactions. You will see immediate savings through enhanced control over: Type of fuel selected Number of gallons purchased Time of fueling Non-fueling transactions Detailed reporting allows you to monitor exceptions and develop fueling policies that make sense for your company, while reducing ongoing fleet operating costs. The fleet management program also provides tools to track fuel economy. This information is critical for identifying vehicles that lose fuel economy over time—giving you the decision-support data needed to optimize a fleet vehicle cycling strategy. Knowing the best time to replace vehicles is a proven way to improve your bottom line over the long term.
Only a comprehensive picture – combining fleet operating expenses with vehicle purchase and resale opportunities – provides all the data needed to understand the true cost of fleet ownership, and then implement a fleet management strategy that’s most effective for your organization. This is precisely the value we offer. The Enterprise Fleet Management account team works to understand your company—and then customizes a fleet management plan to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost. By partnering with Enterprise, you gain access to deep fleet management expertise without adding to your payroll. And that frees your team to focus on what you do best – serving your customers.

Total Cost of Ownership

Determining the true, total cost of operating a fleet is a complex process. The big transactions—involving vehicle purchase and resale


Lowering vehicle expenses

One of the most important steps to optimizing your fleet’s potential is choosing the right vehicles. We’ve got the vehicle selection tools and industry experience to help you make the right choice.


Lowering Operating Expenses

Tracking and analysis of your fleet’s operations day-to-day and throughout its entire lifecycle gives you confidence that you are making the right decisions to operate at the lowest possible cost.