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A one-stop shop for your vehicular needs, FleetPro is the one key that fits all your requirements in transportation, vehicle sourcing and maintenance, and fleet management. Whether you are an individual car owner, a company with transportation needs or a big fleet operator, just take the keys and leave the rest in the hands of professionals.

Why buy when you can rent? Full maintenance leasing takes all the burden of owning and maintaining a vehicle away. Our service line includes: • The financing of a vehicle • Sourcing of the appropriate vehicle • Fleet monitoring • Battery replacement • Maintenance and repairs of vehicles • Tyre replacement • Annual licence and registration fees • Insurance • Road worthiness certificate
Let the professionals do it FleetPro has a team of highly trained and certified mechanics for the maintenance of any type of vehicle. We maintain a full-service history of each vehicle and can provide owners with issues and failure reports. This feature provides greater transparency and cost reduction to eet and car owners.
Smarter vehicular management with telematics Live GPS Vehicle tracking brings your operational costs under control. With noti cations, you will know how fast the vehicle was driven, where and when the vehicle stopped, and for how long. Our tracking system o ers real time data on: • Location of your vehicles • Vehicle speed & stoppages • Driver information • Odometer & fuel level • Ignition, doors & aircon status
Optimise your vehicle’s fuel consumption Tight monitoring of parameters such as over revving, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and cornering can have a major positive impact on fuel e ciency and tyre wear. FleetPro provides comprehensive reports of fuel consumption of each vehicle and offer training to drivers that may require a refresher course in fuel saving.
We care for your assets Working with a number of financial institutions, FleetPro sources cost- effective off-balance sheet financing to help fleet owners increase their return on invested capital. We o er cost- effective operating leases to optimise operational parameters such as fuel effciency and associated cost of tyres and spare parts.
You can rely on us FleetPro can provide you with a courtesy car while your vehicle is being serviced by us. We also take care of timely renewal of your insurance and road tax payments. In the case of accidents, FleetPro will liaise with the insurance company if it is warranted.
• 24/7 accident roadside assistance* • Insurance claims handling* *conditions applied

Benefits Working With Us

In order to remain competitive in the current market environment, companies require maximum efficiency at every level and they must ensure proper allocation of company resources.

Impact on cost


Commercial fleet operators normally keep a vehicle for a period of 5-7 years. FleetPro ensures that over this period of time the total cost of operation is significantly reduced (~25%) than if the vehicle was managed in house.

Impact on Control


In a professionally managed fleet, the chances of pilferage or abuse is significantly less than in normal circumstances.

Impact on Drivers


Through our driver monitoring and evaluation service we make sure that the crew is properly trained for the job and is respecting all road safety norms at all times.

Impact on Customers


As world class fleet managers we are in a position to provide tangible value to our customers and make a significant contribution to their bottomline.